This collection is very much made with a sense of longevity in mind. There’s something for both obscure and conservative tastes alike.

Wasson has added a bit of Erin’s signature edginess to a fine jewelry collection.

This collection—full of special, personal pieces—feels a lot like Erin: cool, considered, and confident.

The line manages to be both precious and bold, understated and ornate.

These pieces would look as good with a crisp white shirt and paper-bag trousers for work, as they would a glittery party dress.

The duality of feminine and edgy, country yet urban, seems to be Wasson’s calling card.

Wasson is a chic, minimalist jewelry line that draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources—Alexander Calder, Afrofuturism and industrial architecture.

The insightful model and designer reveals her sophisticated new venture: a collection of fine jewelry that integrates her well-honed, global point of view.

The American beauty has given window displays worldwide a golden touch with her very own line, Wasson Fine.

Erin Wasson is the girl on every Tumblr page dedicated to images of cool girls. The tiny feather tattoo, the perfect well-worn vintage hats, the gold layered jewelry—it’s the sort of unstudied insouciance that you just can’t teach. But sometimes you can buy it.

Wasson has dreamt up an otherworldly line of crescent-shaped necklaces, moon pendants and texturized, crater-inspired orbit hoops.